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I have worked with hundreds of webmasters and technology support teams over the last 20+ years and I have to say that if you want someone who is trustworthy, thorough, extremely competent and will go the extra mile to see to it that your website needs are taken care of and your expectations are more than exceeded, then Paco is your man. I have never worked with anyone as committed to website development - and as supremely competent at it - as Paco and the Fragolan Linking People team.

His flagship program, D-GEN, is nothing short of a work of genius from a man who lives and breathes his trade so completely that I worry sometimes if he's sleeping at night. I can't tell you the number of times I've had a problem that to me seemed so complex as to be insurmountable, and I've called Fragolan Linking People and Paco has answered the phone - which he usually does because he always puts service to his customers first - and has resolved it in so few minutes as to make me feel ashamed at the gap between his technological knowledge and mine.

There are very few instances in my career where I see someone doing what they are passionate about so well that it's art in motion, like observing a state of natural flow. That is Paco. If you want a 21st century website, look no further. You've got your man.

Anthony Silard

The Executive Leadership Institute

The Center for Social Leadership

3883 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 415
Washington D.C. 20008


Hola Mar, no quería dejar pasar más tiempo para agradecerte, pero sobre todo felicitarte por el diseño de la página de www.sotogrande6.com. Al cliente le ha encantado y estoy seguro que nos ayudará mucho no nada más a que la propiedad se venda sino a tomar más listados.

Ing Eric Cházaro Cavero
KW Allende

Nuestra experiencia primero con Marca 76 fue muy satisfactoria, gracias al diseño y creación de nuestra marca e imagen nos dimos a conocer a nivel nacional, nuestros clientes y proveedores nos reconocen como un grupo sólido y responsable ya que eso es lo que proyecta nuestra imagen, Mar Cajigas es una persona responsable y muy profesional, toma en cuenta cada detalle para crear armonía con sus clientes y ofrecerles el mejor producto de acuerdo a nuestras necesidades.

En el desarrollo de nuestra empresa y nuestros productos seguimos trabajando ahora con Fragolan Linking People, puesto que nuestra experiencia ha sido más que satisfactoria y con la fusión de Mar y Paco tenemos a la mano productos de calidad y sobre todo un excelente servicio y atención.

Nos encontramos plenamente agradecidos con los resultados logrados con la ayuda, atención y respaldo de un despacho profesional como este.

Trabajar con Fragolan Linking People es saber que tendras el mejor resultado.

LAE Teresa González
Grupo Laurent Comercializadora
Culiacán, Sinaloa.

I’ve really enjoyed working Marisela and Paco. Not only are they formal with getting back to you but meeting all your time deadlines.

They are professional in the way they handle you as well as their business practices.

They are well-known and what they offer speaks for itself.

Strong in there skills and as well their updates with why’s and why not’s in the industry,

I look forward to build a strong and productive relationship with Fragolan Linking People, a company you can count on.

Thanks once again

Joseph Varnado
Uno Suave Tequila

If your objective is to find a professional, responsive and creative website company then I am happy to help......Call Fragolan Linking People!

I have been a client of Paco's for 6 years and have refered my friends and family to him. Marisela has been an incredible addition to the newly formed Fragolan Linking People team. I don't see how one could do much better than this excellent team.

Don Roger
Blue Iguana Tequila

Dear Paco:

Your service and support of the San Miguel Community Foundation has been invaluable to Araceli and I. You are always available, ready and able to provide any changes we would like to have made to our site in a timely manner which is important as we want our site to always be current.

We are so pleased with our website design, as it is professional, interesting and projects exactly what we wanted individuals coming to our site to experience.

Warmest personal regards,

Donna Wilson Foudray
San Miguel Community Foundation

En los años que mi página estuvo administrada por Fragolan Linking People siempre obtuve un servicio de primera. La página siempre se mantuvo en linea. El diseño y la atención siempre fueron de lo mejor, estando el administrador siempre disponible para cualquier actualización que requiriera. Quedo muy satisfecho por todo.


Alejandro Rivera Leal.

I am pleased to report that Paco Vázquez Fresán and the Fragolan Linking People team successfully built the website project which I volunteered to develop.  He has also graciously assisted me in every twist of the road.  This project COULD NOT have been accomplished without his support and assistance.  He is intent and sincere about his work and is  instantaneously available to problem solve any technical issue.  I also add that Paco is bi-lingual, charges a very fair price for his service and is a great parent to both human and canine!

You would be wrong to not take benefit of their expertise and genuine service.

With Great Respect,

Jim Knoch
Ojala Kids

I had Paco design and impliment my Web page and I couldn't be happier. From start to finish it was a great experience. 
Stephen T. Landis

El factor mas importante para tomar la decisión de trabajar con D-GEN, fue la capacidad de poder actualizar nosotros mismos nuestra página de una manera fácil y rápida  sin tener que depender de nadie. D-GEN es una herramienta muy amigable con la cual no es necesario tener conocimientos especializados en diseño o una carrera en computación para actualizar los datos de tu página web. Paco siempre tiene la mejor disposición para ayudar en cualquier situación que tengas que resolver.
Adriana González Padilla
Ventanas de San Miguel

Francisco (Paco) Vázquez Fresán and Fragolan Linking People designed a website and all of the additional features for us about two years ago. It has been a tremendous asset to our parish and especially our communication within the parish and with the public. I am so grateful for Paco's cheeful personal attention and the ease of use of the D-GEN system. We have ongoing needs to modify and update our website and database, and D-GEN gives us the capacity to do that without cumbersome delays and in the way that serves us best. I heartily recommend both Paco and the D-GEN system to anyone needing this service. Please feel free to contact me at 415.152.0387 or, if calling from the United States, the telephone number below, or email me at rector@stpauls.org.mx

The Venerable Michael Long
Rector, St. Paul's; Archdeacon, Diocese of Mexico
Church phone 415.152.0387
Church Vonage (US) phone 214.206.1632

No me puedo imaginar que hubiera hecho sin Paco;  pues no solamente es muy profesional,  sino que tiene la paciencia con quien no le entiende a estos menesteres.  Le estoy sumamente agradecida por como ha sido conmigo y lo que me ha ayudado.  Con pocas personas tengo la certeza de que si lo recomiendo quedare excelente con quien lo haga.  Excelente servicio, gran profesionalismo y lo mas importante ...... altísima calidad humana.

Laura Padilla
La Casa de Laura

Congratulations on being in business since 1999. I am quite pleased with the work Paco has done for the Claire Carew website thus far. His professional expertise and friendly manner are highly effective and outstanding.

Claire Carew

We are very impressed with both Fragolan Linking People and D-GEN (their website design software). Using it, they were able to create the website exactly the way we wanted it. Plus its many built-in features make it easy for us to update our website ourselves, whenever we need to. The software's interface is both simple to use and understand, and the prompt and thoughtful help we received from Fragolan Linking People has been excellent. We can highly recommend them to anyone!!!!

Jane Sallis & Lily Castañeda
Patronato Pro Niños de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.

I have been doing business with Paco since the year 2000.  It is always fun to be involved in a project with him.  We get the business taken care of, of course, but there is also an element of pleasure in dealing with such honest, devoted, hard working and personable person.  By the way, his English is perfection!  Nothing is lost in translation.
When you come up with a concept that you are mulling around in your head, he can tap in to your thought process.  He is soo skilled at what he does.  I couldn't be more pleased with the final design of my webpage.  The balance, color and text all came together so beautifully.
I would recommend the services of Fragolan Linking People without hesitation.... you won't regret it!
Dawn Simmons
Face Lift Me Up

Mi experiencia con D-GEN ha sido excelente. Es muy fácil de manejar y te da el poder de tener el control de tu pagina web sin necesidad de depender de un web master. Siempre que tenemos dudas la asesoría es rápida y muy buena.

Recomendaría ampliamente a D-GEN para las personas que quieren calidad y no están dispuestos a sacrificar la independencia y el control de su pagina web.

Karina Eichner
Saber Que Sigue

As a new, small, Mexican non-profit, Hospice San Miguel, A.C. needed a good-looking, informative website in Spanish and English that allowed our personnel to be able to constantly update it with information without having to spend a lot of money to do so.

Paco and his D-GEN system allowed us to do just that with ease and without a great deal of time or money spent. Besides having a top-notch product like D-GEN to work with, the knowledge, warmth and support of Paco make working on our website a pleasure, rather than a chore!

If you are looking for a way to start or improve upon your personal or business website, look no further. Just contact Paco... You will be glad you did!


Mark W. Baker
Executive Director
Hospice San Miguel, A.C.

Haber trabajado con Fragolan Linking People ha sido enriquecedor, ha permitido en corto tiempo generar ventajas competitivas a nuestra empresa a través de soluciones creativas y funcionales en web, la interacción humana permite fluir con alegría y velocidad en los desarrollos, en este punto D-GEN ha multiplicado la productividad y generación de opciones en las soluciones web para desarrollo organizacional, ya que es una herramienta intuitiva y fácil de usar, en fin ha sido una relación que nos ha generado muchísimo valor en lo tecnológico y en lo humano.

Víctor Guzmán
Formación y Conocimiento Organizacional

I currently have 3 websites with Fragolan Linking People and I absolutely could not be happier!

Paco is very easy to work with and he always deliver on time.

I really love the program that he developed, D-GEN that makes it very easy for a normal user to make changes in your website.

Being able to easily and frequently post news on my website have really boosted the traffic to it. 
Thank you for being a very important part of my business!
Mats Hammarlund
Mats Hammarlund Racing

Simplemente el mejor Webmaster de la region. Todas las ideas que uno tiene el sabe entenderlas y transformarlas en sitios de Internet.

Paco es sinónimo de Webmaster en quien siempre podrás confiar!

Luis Mondragon
Bajio Go Shuttle

We've enjoyed working with Paco right from the start ! Such a Warm and Committed person.

Beyond running an outstanding business he reaches out to our community in so many generous ways. From Schools to Non-profits his expertise helps guide us all into this amazing World of the web.

He is our friend first and business is our pleasure to enjoy !

Warmest Personal Regards,
Roger & Rosana
Casa Angelitos

Estimado Francisco

Estamos totalmente satisfechos con el apoyo, calidad y soporte que hemos recibido desde que contratamos nuestra página web con Fragolan Linking People.

Después de un año de haber contratado nuestra página de Internet  no hemos tenido ningún problema,  hemos logrado interesantes contactos y   nos ha dado una presencia más profesional en nuestro medio e industria.  El trato con  www.fragolan.com,  es muy personal y profesional  por lo que estaremos siempre encantados de recomendarlos.  Diana Mestre

Diana F. Mestre & Mestre

I, personally, on my own website, and also my Board of Directors of a non-profit organization, decided to use D-GEN web-page creation and design because of at least four reasons. 
The annual cost of both our website was less than what either of us were previously paying.
It is the most intuitive and easy program available on the Internet  to add , delete, or update web pages for (a) me (who is somewhat computer literate, despite me being a senior citizen) and (b) others who were not computer literate. 
With D-GEN, one just can access the Internet, and make the updates or add or subtract a web page on the road while traveling or while on vacation, provided one remembers one's username and password. If one is away from one's computer, and one does not have Dreamweaver or any other similar program on a computer, one is out of luck.
It was worth the one-time expense to get set up on D-GEN by the owner for these three reasons and also because of the following concerns and thinking.
Previously, both (a) for my personal website and (b) for a non-profit organization, to create and maintain these two websites, I had been using Dreamweaver, a fancier and much more expensive program that also creates web pages, structures with text, and places images on web pages etc.  The Board of Directors of that nonprofit organization requested me, their President, who had personally after a year of being very happy with D-GEN's service, to also save the annual cost of the non-profit organization's website.  
Also, everybody at the non profit organization was concerned that there was no one on the Board of Directors or the staff who knew Dreamweaver, or even wanted to know Dreamweaver or any other complicated web design program. So there was no one in this non profit organization able to update this website or add or subtract a web page.  If I died or was incapacitated, the organization's website would be frozen until someone learned Dreamweaver or paid a professional who knew Dreamweaver to make updates or add or subtract web pages.
Also now that we are using D-GEN on our personal web page, my wife, who is not computer oriented, as I am, can be trained to update the web pages, Why? Updates and adding or deleting web pages are intuitive. (Without D-GEN, training my wife to update web pages on Dreamweaver would not even be a subject of discussion or a possibility.)
Today now that D-GEN is being used, with minimum effort updating or adding or deleting web pages can be both done by (a) my wife or (b) a Board person or staff person on the non-profit organization because of the intuitive aspects of D-GEN.  
By the way, Dreamweaver can cost up to $400 USD. Someone without any editing experience could be confused by the many options available in Dreamweaver for a novice web designer, and this is true with other web design programs out there.

Larry Mills
Alpha Omega Mex
24 Hour Association

While San Miguel is abundant with artists, writers, healers and musicians of the highest caliber, I never thought I would find the professional capacities of the level of Paco and "Fragolan Linking People" in our little Pueblo.  Fluent in english and the ultimate in technological know how, I could not have been more pleased with the product or the people.

Despues de 4 años de malas paginas, dinero tirado a la basura y mucha frustracion, encontre a Paco que sin exagerar ha sido mi salvavidas, la genialidad de D-GEN junto con la simplicidad y los buenos precios, son lo mejor de lo mejor de lo mejor, sin dejar de mencionar que es un grán ser humano, y su servicio es de primera. muchas gracias por tanta ayuda.

Dr. Jim Bourque Starr & Araceli Castro
Author, Professional Speaker

D-GEN de Fragolan Linking People, me ha resultado una magnífica herramienta en el manejo de nuestra página web, con herramientas acertadas y sobre todo amigables para mí como usuario, todo un sistema muy confiable y completo que me permite en cualquier momento ingresar y administrar lo que necesite referente a la página de la compañía.

Para el sector de bienes raíces, D-GEN es un sistema estupendo y cada una de sus herramientas y funciones me permiten ajustar y hacer cambios y modificaciones inmediatas a fin de satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes. Considerando también la posibilidad de destacar y presentar características y descripciones completas y ordenadas de las propiedades que ofrecemos como una compañía de bienes raíces.

Fragolan Linking People me ha provisto del respaldo, la atención oportuna y toda la confianza necesarios  en todo el proceso de contar con nuestro sitio web, desde el asignar el dominio,  el diseño y montaje y ahora con D-GEN, la posibilidad y acceso total al mantenimiento de nuestro sitio, lo que nos permite mantener actualizado siempre el listado que ofrecemos. Todo esto nos ha llevado a una satisfacción en el manejo del sitio. Esto, a parte de todo me ha dado la oportunidad de establecer una bonita amistad con Paco, el creador de este maravilloso sistema.   Gracias por este sistema!!!
Juan Antonio Ruiz
Atenea Realty

Before we found Fragolan Linking People and their intuitive D-GEN software, we wasted way too much time and money - and still didn't have the website(s) we wanted.

Now, we have two beautifully designed sites humming along. Both are easy to manage and update, and the customer service is prompt, dependable, professional, and cheerful.

We've saved money, time, and frustration! I'm recommending this service to everyone who is looking for a solid solution to an online presence that works.

Paco is the  Web-Magician!


Barbara Archibald
San Miguel Literary Sala & San Miguel Writers Conference

Antes de cualquier cosa tengo que confesarme como un neófito en relación a los temas de programación y en general a las cuestiones de internet y sistemas computacionales, sin embargo con conocimientos muy básicos en los programas más comerciales me ha sido posible comprender el manejo de D-Gen, del cual tengo que afirmar que es bastante amigable y sumamente práctico en su ejecución.
Con relación al diseño del sitio web, creo que tienen mucho talento, imaginación y las herramientas necesarias para generar sitios atractivos visualmente y prácticos en su uso. En mi muy particular punto de vista, son capaces de desarrollar y poner en marcha las ideas de sus clientes, al menos para conmigo y mis necesidades puedo confirmar que están cubiertas cabalmente, es decir, los recomiendo ampliamente.
M. C. Yuri Gabriel Reséndez Morales
Consultor Agropecuario

Paco: I love the way you designed my web-page. Unique and effective. Thanks also for getting it done so quickly. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs your services.


Riccardo Simeone

Nuestra experiencia con Fragolan Linking People ha sido buena, el producto D-GEN es muy amigable y fácil de manejar, así mismo el personal que nos atiende tiene la disposición y paciencia hacia con los clientes.
Edgar Meza
Bakary Night Club

I really love working with D-GEN because it is a manageable and easy to learn product. I have been using D-GEN daily for over a year and the tutorials are very helpful. Thanks Paco, you are a genius!!!

Beth Kaestner
Mexican Charm

Desde el diseño inicial de mi página web me sorprendió la facilidad con la que hiciste la composición y presentación de la misma, analizando el por qué si era tan fácil para ti elaborar la página, por que no podía yo hacerlo, en conclusión tu experiencia y conocimiento en diseño, composición, mercadotecnia, idiomas e inventiva aunado al sistema D-GEN de tu invención, te permitió la creación de una página muy productiva para mis propósitos.

Ha sido necesario actualizar la presentación de algunos elementos dentro de la misma pagina, y esto ha sido muy fácil hacerlo con el sistema D-GEN en cuanto se presenta la necesidad del cambio.

Raúl De Alba

We have enjoyed your website. It is wonderful to be able to add and edit it ourselves. Being a non-profit charitable organization, this has been a great help to us.
Dennis Risinger
Gift of English Program

Es un verdadero gusto tener a Fragolan Linking People como nuestro proveedor de servicios de internet para nuestra página web, siempre amables y prestos para auxiliarnos y apoyarnos, resolviendo problemas de manera eficaz y oportuna, los grandes recursos de programación web con que cuenta el Director General Francisco Vázquez Fresán, han hecho que nuestra página rinda grandes beneficios en nuestro negocio.

Al contratar los servicios de Fragolan Linking People para la construcción de nuestra página web, nos sorprendimos mucho al constatar lo fácil y amable que es trabajar en las constantes actualizaciones que requerimos utilizando el programa D-GEN. Aprender a utilizarlo fue muy fácil y su costo resulta bajo en comparación con lo que normalmente otras empresas cobran por el constante mantenimiento de las páginas web.

Muchas gracias.
Marcela Fresán Herrera

I've only been "webbing" for about a week, but found the hosting software easy to use.  I was most impressed that Paco was able to set us up with special software for my music needs in just a couple of days.  Many thanks!

Angela Saunders
St. George's Episcopal Church


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